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Weekly Wednesday Schedule


10/4 Balanced Draw YTM = YTM ball plus best of remaining 2 balls
10/11 Pick Your Partners -3 man teams 1/2/3 1ball on 3, 2 on 4 and 3 on 5
10/12 WSIGA @ Pecan Grove  
10/18 FedUp Cup Round 8 - Playoff Individual Net Stableford for FedUp Cup and Regular Play
10/25 2 Man Teams  -  Blind Draw Both Balls Count
11/1 Balanced Draw Odd/Even = One Ball On Odd, 2 on Even 
11/7 & 8 SGA Championship Gross and Net Handicap 
11/9 WSIGA @ Quail Valley  
11/15 FedUp Cup – Championship     Individual Net Stableford for finalists and others
11/22 Pick Your Partners - 3 man team 123 = One ball hole 1 to 6, two balls 7 to 12, three balls 13 to 18
11/29 Random Draw You The Man = YTM ball plus best of remaining 2 balls
12/6 Random Draw Odd/Even = One Ball On Odd, 2 on Even plus 3 on 9 and 18
12/13 Random Draw Best two balls
12/14 WSIGA @ Sweetwater  
12/20 Pick Your Partners - 3 man team Odd/ Even  = One on even, 2 on odd
12/27 ABC Balanced Draw 123 = One ball hole 1 to 6, two balls 7 to 12, three balls 13 to 18 - Plus 1 Mulligan and 1 penalty gift 
How Teams Are Chosen and The Games Played On Wednesday   




·         ABC Balanced Draw. Computer generated three man teams with and A, B, and C level player. The teams are chosen in such a way as to have the combined handicaps of team each as equal as possible. For clarification, if one team has ABC handicaps of 8, 16 and 27 totaling 51, then all other teams also have a combined handicap near 51.

·         Random Draw. The computer randomly generates three man teams without regard to handicaps.

·         Pick Your Team. Players choose their team mates.




·         You The Man. This is a two ball counting event where each player takes a turn being the leader. The leader’s score counts as one score. The best ball between the other two players counts. The players rotate in turn being the leader so each is the leader 6 times.

·         Odd/Even. One best ball counts on odd numbered holes and two balls count on even holes.

o   Or vice versa

·         1/2/3. One ball counts on certain holes, 2 on others and 3 on others.

o   1 on par 5, 2 on par 4, 3 on par 3

o   2 on par 5, 2 on par 4, 1 on par 3

o   Other similar configurations

·         2/3. Two balls count on certain holes, three balls count on others.

o   Two balls on par 4, three balls on par 5 and 3

o   Two balls on par 3 and 4, three on 5

o   Other similar configurations

·         2 Best Balls.

·         Blind Draw. Two man game where partners are chosen after play by drawing from hat.


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